Best electric SUV car to buy in 2020-2021

Best electric SUV car to buy in 2020-2021

Here are some upcoming electric SUV information like - Price, mileage, specifications, features, etc. Click on car image or label for open full information about related electric SUV.

Audi E-Tron -

    Audi entering in the EV market with Audi E-Tron which is a fully electric SUV. Audi made this car first as SUV then second as electric. 
      The car is introduced by Ingolstadt- based carmaker at the International Motor show in 2018. Expecting launching of Audi E-Tron in India in July 2020.
        Audi E-Tron will come with variant models which are 50 Quattro and 55 Quattro.

        Skoda Vision e -

        Image Source-Google-own work-Spielvogel
        Skoda is coming with its first purely electric SUV which is Skoda Vision E. The Vision E is the first concept of the electric car in Skoda history. The Skoda Vision E electric SUV is unveiled in 2017 Auto Shanghai. and the production schedule starts from the mid-end of 2020.

        Mercedes Benz EQC -

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        Mercedes Benz EQC is first shown to market in Auto Expo 2018. Mercedes Benz EQC SUV is coming with its brand's first electric car in India. The expected launching date of the car in India should bee in April 2020.

        Skoda Vision iV -

        Skoda Vision iV - mileage, price, specifications, features
        Image Source-Google-own work-Alexander Migl
        Skoda taking their next step to the journey of e-mobility with Skoda Vision iV. Skoda Vision iV is introducing the first electric vehicle based on Volkswagon groups MEB modular electric car platform. The exterior functions of Skoda Vision iV are 92-95 % identical to upcoming versions. the Skoda Vision iV car reveled in march 2019.

        Kia Soul EV 2020 -

        Best electric SUV car to buy in 2020-2021
        Image Source: 2020 SOUL EV

        Kia Motors Introduced their second generation of Kia Soul EV 2020 in 2019 Showcase, for the 2020 year model. The model is coming twice in the range than the first generation.
        Best electric SUV car to buy in 2020-2021

        Tesla Model X -

        Tesla Model X SUV is one of the fastest EV available globally. The car has an all-wheel-drive system. Tesla Model X is coming with three varients which is 75D, 100D, P100D.

        Jaguar i-Pace -

        Jaguar Land Rover introduced its first electric SUV Jaguar I-Pace in International motor show 2018. The car launching in India expected to by the end of 2020.

        Audi E-Tron Sportback -

        Best electric SUV car to buy in 2020-2021
        Image Source-Google-own work- Audi Brussels

        It was launched at the 2018 Geneva Motorshow in March. It is the best-looking car from Tata Motors. Before Tata EVision Electric the Tata motors launched Tata Nexon SUV electric car.
        Best electric SUV car to buy in 2020-2021

        Volvo XC40 Recharge -

        Image Source- Volvo Cars

        Hyundai Kona Electric -

        Image Source-Google-own work-Alexander Migl
        The Car is launched in India on the date of 9 July 2019. Hyundai Kona electric car is coming with one electric engine. and the car will be run on the road of India in 2020-21. The car is available with two versions on battery which is 39.2 KWh & 64 kWh lithium-ion polymer battery. with the 8years/160000 km warranty on the battery.

        MG ZS EV -

        Image Source-Google-
        MG Motor which is a British Auto manufacturing company launched its First MG ZS EV electric car on 17 Jan 2020. The size of an MG ZS EV SUV is 4314mm long, 1620mm tall & 1809mm wide.

        MZ ERX5 - 

        Image Source-Google-own work- User 3204
        MG motor developing MG ERX5 electrical SUV for the Indian market. The first MG ERX5 car preview in the Global mobility summit (MOVE) in Sept 2018. The expected launching date in India should be in June 2020. But because of COVID-19 lockdown, its date can change.

        Tata Nexon EV -


        Tata is the most famous and popular brand that manufacturing vehicles. TATA Motors enters in the EV market with Nexon EV electric car model. It is launched on 19 Dec 2019. For booking of Nexon EV commenced on 20 Dec 2020. The token amount is 21,000 in rupees.

        Mahindra eKUV100 -

        Mahindra eKUV100 is coming with an electric car in India. Mahindra & Mahindra launched a Mahindra eKUV100 car in the market at Auto Expo 2020. The expected delivery should be in April 2020. the car will be one of the affordable Electric SUV in India.

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